What is Hope?

Founded in 2007, Susan and Glenn Wood along with a group of concerned parents saw the need for a different type center to serve families affected by autism. The Hope Center for Autism was born from the need for a supportive environment and more ABA Therapy for families in the Fort Worth area. Parents formed together to agree on what was needed and what would be beneficial during their journey. The Wood’s vision aligned with these parents perfectly and the Hope Center for Autism was formed.

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Hope Center for Autism provides services to support the family affected by autism. We afford a wide range of services to meet the personal needs of each family. Services are specific and programmed on a case-by-case basis. Hope Center for Autism employs two full-time BCBA’s on staff. This ensures the implementation of programs meets the standards of our BCBA supervisors.

Our Services Include:

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Hope Center for Autism prides itself in providing resources for family and friends of children with Autism. Here you will find a glossary of terms, important research on Autism and helpful links across the web as well as some of our esteemed donors.

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Living The ABA Lifestyle

Here at the Hope Center we use applied behavior analysis, or ABA. We believe that ABA should be used throughout one’s life. Using ABA in the home is equally as important as using it at the Hope Center. In order to fully implement ABA in the home it is crucial to believe and consistently implement a behavior plan. Before creating a behavior plan ask yourself these questions: Who is going to be involved in the plan? Where does the behavior occur? What is the duration of these behaviors? What is the frequency of these behaviors? What is the intensity of these behaviors? What environmental factors are present when the behavior does or does not occur? In order to create your own behavior plan you can follow this three step process: Step One: Decide on the behavior you want to increase or decrease. It is important to define the behavior and why you want to target this behavior. When defining the behavior, it should be as simple and easy to understand by an outsider that has not seen this behavior before. Step Two: Determine the behavior’s function. This is simply understanding when and why the behavior occurs. All behaviors occur because..

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Hope Center for Autism
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