What is Hope?

Founded in 2007, Susan and Glenn Wood along with a group of concerned parents saw the need for a different type center to serve families affected by autism. The Hope Center for Autism was born from the need for a supportive environment and more ABA Therapy for families in the Fort Worth area. Parents formed together to agree on what was needed and what would be beneficial during their journey. The Wood’s vision aligned with these parents perfectly and the Hope Center for Autism was formed.

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Hope Center for Autism provides services to support the family affected by autism. We afford a wide range of services to meet the personal needs of each family. Services are specific and programmed on a case-by-case basis. Hope Center for Autism employs two full-time BCBA’s on staff. This ensures the implementation of programs meets the standards of our BCBA supervisors.

Our Services Include:

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Keep Searching for HOPE

I recently had the honor of attending a Dr visit with one of our clients. Anxiety was running high for all parties. For more than half a decade I have watched this mom try everything to help her son. We had attended countless appointments with this client and mother, leaving with a new hope or a new plan every time. Each time we were let down in some capacity due to lack of knowledge, support, or realistic expectations from various professionals. At best, we were cautiously optimistic. It was a stressful visit because it was a new dr and he is a psychiatrist. After a full year of little to no improvement through intensive behavioral strategies the family made the decision to investigate medication. Let that sink in for a moment. A YEAR OF LITTLE TO NO IMPROVEMENT in serious behavior challenges. Day after day of having to cope with behaviors that impacted the way this client learned, lived, and interacted with anyone. To a family living with autism there is nothing scarier than lack of progress. This mother fought the good fight against medicating her child for many years. Hope Center for Autism supported that decision and worked tirelessly,..

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Hope Center for Autism
2751 Green Oaks Rd
Fort Worth, TX 76116

Phone: (817) 560-1139
Fax: (817) 560-7039

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:30AM to 5:30PM

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