April, Autism Acceptance Month

April 1, 2016

Many things are happening in the world of autism. You cannot get online without seeing another research study about what is the cause, or what is not the cause. As I prepare for April, Autism Acceptance Month, I have mixed emotions. I am happy there is a forum to teach about autism. I am mad the public moves so slow when dealing with change. April will be a time for us to educate the public. Education is so important as we try to bring about change.

Change in the way we view autism as a whole.

Change in the way we treat people with autism.

Change in the support we give parents.

Change in the way schools teach children with autism.

Change in the way we promote autism awareness.

I’d love to educate the public on what it looks like to accept a person with autism into the “typical world”. We have a very long way to go but April is Autism Awareness month and I am thankful it is a start to bring change.

Be the change