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I Am A Special Needs Parent
November 2, 2015

I Am A Special Needs Parent We were diagnosed with autism very early- barely age 2 with a full-fledged autism diagnosis. The toddler years were spent navigating a whole new system of therapies, interventions, the latest news in the growing obsession of “what causes autism,” and doctors, doctors, and more..

The Day That Changed Our Family
April 2, 2014

So it was a routine 2yr check up. The doctor had me fill out a questionnaire. I didn’t pay much attention to it. Looking back I never had the “I knew something was wrong” feeling so many other mothers reported. I expected his speech would be delayed by a previous..

My Life Changed
March 7, 2014

Hi, my name is Teah, I had a very bad life growing up….. from watching my mom be beaten by ex-boyfriends to being abused multiple ways…..but on September 13, 2006, my cousin was born….The day he came home from the hospital his mother grabbed him by the throat and through..

The Video of the Real Life Story of Charlie Threatt
December 7, 2013

Now there is a video of the story of Charlie Threatt. Check it out. To read his full story, click here! Read more stories here!

The Real Life Story of Charlie Threatt
September 22, 2013

Submitted by Charlie Threatt Charlie Threatt was born on April 8 1995. He grew up and spent most of his life in Kansas City, Missouri. He was a child born with an autism syndrome P.D.D.N.O.S. He didn’t talk much when he was a baby. He was very quiet and always..

Autism Bullying Story
September 9, 2013

Submitted by Sheri Hi ya’ll, I want to share my story of how I’m bullied and treated badly because I’m autistic. I’m wanting to spread awareness to show that not everybody who tends to themselves are “weird” or “stupid”. Ok so it all started when I was diagnosed with Autism..

My Autism Story
August 6, 2013

Submitted by Meredith Walling My Autism Story is a story of love and hate, of acceptance and inspiration, and of hard work and sacrifice. I am a teacher of exceptional students, at this point, exclusively students with autism. From my earliest days, I vowed to become a teacher. I began..

Never, Ever Give Up
July 30, 2013

Submitted by Nitza Perez After reading the great story of Kyle, I decided to write the story of my son Luis, as a testimony of struggle and perseverance of a person with autism, and to all of you know his potential and give him the opportunity to develop and demonstrate..