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August 31, 2015

There’s not much emphasis on Hope when your child first gets diagnosed with Autism. You are told the therapy you need is anywhere from $60-$90 per hour. Then you’re told for your family to have any type of hope at a “semi-normal” life your child will need at least 30-35 hours per week. In that same moment you start to realize that your high school Math skills may not be what they once were but they are good enough to come to terms with the answer that is rolling around in your brain and you start to panic. $100,000 a year may as well be a billion a year because you don’t make half of that. Your lives turn upside down and you lose friends, homes, jobs, and HOPE all in the name of saving your baby. Then one day a non-profit catches your attention and they turn your despair into dreams, and they make those dreams come true because your baby who you were told wouldn’t ever speak again says “Mommy.” You were told you wouldn’t get anywhere close to normal and you just enrolled your child in school and he tells you about his day. Hope Center for Autism isn’t just a therapy center, It’s a place where despair is turned to HOPE.
In order to keep costs down for families the Hope Center is constantly holding fundraisers. Hope Center has been entered into a contest to win an item that will be incredibly useful for fundraising events. Please go vote each day to help us receive these displays from National Trade Show Displays @showdisplays ‪#‎tradeshowchallenge‬