My Life Changed

March 7, 2014

Autism-Puzzle-TattooHi, my name is Teah, I had a very bad life growing up….. from watching my mom be beaten by ex-boyfriends to being abused multiple ways…..but on September 13, 2006, my cousin was born….The day he came home from the hospital his mother grabbed him by the throat and through him at me…….I was 10 when this happened… and my mom asked his dad if we could keep him and take care of him, he said yes….but 3 months later then called the cops and took him from us……CYP got involved and when they showed up to check on him the mother had a radio under the crib fully up he had a bad diaper rash and a full diaper plus a bottle that had spoiled formula in it……we got custody of him when he was about 8 months old and he only weighted about 15 pounds, he had his leg broke in 3 parts, he couldn’t hear, and he was afraid of bottles and everything else…… his 3 Christmas he still wasn’t walking we were told he would never walk it tore my mom up but on that Christmas eve
he walked non stop that day my mom didn’t open any of her gifts she through them all away it really upset me because I saved a lot of money and bought her a glass dolphin and she through it out…….so you are probably wondering what this has to autism and stuff…..but that was just the start of the story……when my brother…..cousin that we adopted…..was about 3 we had to get rid of my dog because my brother was taking sticks and beating my dog with them…..we didn’t know why he was doing it… to find out he had autism…..I was 13 when I started researching autism…..what ever that was i mean that kind of stuff doesn’t happen to me and my family….well that’s what I thought anyways……so I went about my teen life with no worries till i started fighting with my brother one night and he took a steak fork and stabbed me…..I still have the scar……I then revised that my life wasn’t going to be “normal”, I didn’t have a “perfect” brother……I now am 17
, Dakota(my brother) is 7 and i got this tattoo for him….its not fully completed yet but it will soon…….and I might fight with Dakota a lot because we are siblings but I still love him for who he is and i feel like god made this boy go through what he went through to make him come into my life….to teach me about these amazing kids with autism……I mean I use to be one of those kids to point out other peoples flaws to make me feel better I now walk through school hearing others talk about this kid that is retarded and calling them names and it upsets me that I use to be that way because I didn’t know how it felt to come home and see a kid that looks perfectly fine on the outside but is killing on the inside because they are different and people don’t like them…. since my brother was diagnosed with all his health problems….I’ve been diagnosed with…..ADHD, Server Depression, Bipolar, and much more…. Dakota now has the most sever case of autism…… along with a lot of others…………..Dakota has showed me that you don’t have to be health problem free to be a great person…. but the other day my mom took him to Hershey for testing and she was told there is a very high chance he will never get married……I’m just rambling on and on but this is my story of how my life changed.

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