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Living The ABA Lifestyle
January 30, 2015

Here at the Hope Center we use applied behavior analysis, or ABA. We believe that ABA should be used throughout one’s life. Using ABA in the home is equally as important as using it at the Hope Center. In order to fully implement ABA in the home it is crucial..

Christmas Holiday
December 22, 2014

It seems like the holidays never stop this time of year! Christmas is approaching, and that means there is yet another unfamiliar event taking place that your autistic child may need preparation for. While we wish for a Silent Night, it often turns out more like the Jingle Bell Rock!..

The Day That Changed Our Family
April 2, 2014

So it was a routine 2yr check up. The doctor had me fill out a questionnaire. I didn’t pay much attention to it. Looking back I never had the “I knew something was wrong” feeling so many other mothers reported. I expected his speech would be delayed by a previous..

My Life Changed
March 7, 2014

Hi, my name is Teah, I had a very bad life growing up….. from watching my mom be beaten by ex-boyfriends to being abused multiple ways…..but on September 13, 2006, my cousin was born….The day he came home from the hospital his mother grabbed him by the throat and through..

Hope for a Happy Halloween
October 1, 2013

  October is here, and with it comes brisk fall weather, pumpkin-flavored everything, and the anticipation of Halloween celebrations. As parents or loved ones of children with spectrum disorders, we know that anticipation isn’t always positive in every home. The surprises and sensory overload that come with Halloween can be..

The Real Life Story of Charlie Threatt
September 22, 2013

Submitted by Charlie Threatt Charlie Threatt was born on April 8 1995. He grew up and spent most of his life in Kansas City, Missouri. He was a child born with an autism syndrome P.D.D.N.O.S. He didn’t talk much when he was a baby. He was very quiet and always..

Using Art With ABA Therapy
August 1, 2013

At the Hope Center For Autism, we love when kids are inspired, learn new skills, and most of all, have fun! Art is one of the ways we see this happen along with ABA Therapy. ABA Therapy helps detect any issues so we may begin to work on them. Often issues such as fine..

What You Don’t Hear About
July 29, 2013

Submitted by Leslie Nist People look at me funny when I say my daughter has Aspergers syndrome. How do you explain it without an intermission for a bathroom break? I realize the focus is always on what makes the person with autism different from a neuro typical person? I can..