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Living The ABA Lifestyle
January 30, 2015

Here at the Hope Center we use applied behavior analysis, or ABA. We believe that ABA should be used throughout one’s life. Using ABA in the home is equally as important as using it at the Hope Center. In order to fully implement ABA in the home it is crucial..

Christmas Holiday
December 22, 2014

It seems like the holidays never stop this time of year! Christmas is approaching, and that means there is yet another unfamiliar event taking place that your autistic child may need preparation for. While we wish for a Silent Night, it often turns out more like the Jingle Bell Rock!..

Awareness Means Looking Beyond the Label
April 10, 2013

This month is very exciting for us in the autism field. We have a ton of activities and events to increase awareness of autism in our communities. We work tirelessly to share our passion with as many people who will listen. People are seeking us out to learn more about..

Temple Grandin To Speak At Fundraiser For Hope Center For Autism
January 15, 2013

Media Contact: Rene Sanders 817.731.5258 rene4autism@aol.com FORT WORTH, TEXAS (FEBRUARY 2013) – On Tuesday, February 26, animal science researcher and professor, Temple Grandin will speak about her life experiences at Ridglea Theatre, located on 6025 Camp Bowie Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas, with all proceeds benefiting the Hope Center for..

Holiday Tips for Parents of a Child with Autism
December 23, 2012

The holidays can be one of the most wonderful times of the year, but for many, they can also be stressful. Parents of children with autism face unique challenges when it comes to the hustle and bustle of the holidays. A great deal of attention is put forth to ensure..